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Art days 2019 :

We drew with pencils and crayons, sew on machines and did crochet, tye-dyed and made dens this year with a little bit of paint thrown in, and it was hot again! thanks, everyone!


 Here's a reminder of who we are! 

We are 'Create and Play'...... 

We run drop-in sessions for children aged 0-5 years in Warwickshire.
Our sessions are based on creative, open-ended play. Exploring our unique resources your child can learn through play, creating, experimenting and sharing in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
We are a friendly and informal mother and daughter team that is passionate about promoting creative play and run these workshops because we love it! 

Both with early years and arts backgrounds, we aim to deliver workshops for families to inspire creativity in young children and offer a welcoming and fun environment for families to be together and play together!
Never hesitate to ask us a question, invite us to your group, write a review and please be sure to check out our event page for what's next!

Art days 2018 

Drawing and sketching in the sunshine, making dens too!

The ideas have really been flowing!
 Drawing and den making has lead to other things such as creating banners, 
weaving ribbons all kindsa stuff! 

Art days 2017 

The unisaur!

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Images from Art days 2016:

Constructing, making, painting...

working with young people since forever...

( well at least from 1999 )


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Painting by Katie, Art days 2014

Beach huts by Rebecca art days 2014


Waterfall 2014

Art days 2014


We looked together at "water"

Children and young people painted, worked with cardboard, constructed small and large boats amongst other things and generally got involved! 

we all had a great time!


Painting looking at landscapes 2013

" the park"2013

summer art days 2012


Summer art days 2012

 “Our starting point is your child’s ideas”


paintings by children under five.  

Primary school art club mod roc ball sculpture

"We are all free and equal" detail
"We are all free and equal" detail